Augmented Reality App Development

AR/VR Application Development in Chennai

Augmented Reality in short as AR is becoming a central approach in branding and digital world with creating innovative, contextually rich and user engaging applications. Augmented Reality (AR), is a live view of the real world environment whose elements are overlaid. Augmentation is performed in real time and in a semantic context with environmental elements, such as overlaying information. This world of ambient intelligence may bring a whole new dimension of pleasurable user experiences and unparalleled emotions.

We’re all about imagining, designing and creating that interactive experience—giving you a new way to tell your story. At 18TwentyTwo, we want to help you to visualize your dreams.

We help build products from idea to launch. We're experts at creating interactive experiences using AR, VR, kinect, iBeacons and developing apps for various platforms, from small to large screens, and enhance marketing campaigns and add values to promotions by integrating AR and VR experiences, with or without wearable devices.
We are great at boosting your marketing campaign by creating highly engaging interactive experiences using unique technologies.

  • Marketing : Integration with your marketing tools ex: brochure, product package ,why not your wall in a fair
  • Sales : Integration with your sales tools ex: catalog, business card ,flyer , why not your technical data sheet
  • Maintenance : Integration with your maintenance procedures with your video content ex:maintenance cards, :maintenance documents, why not your real machine
  • Setup : Integration with your setup material ex: setup document, how to document, why not your product explain how to setup